Director of Photography

Café and Tobacco Michael Justiz director, Richard Seres producer
Just a Chance Bill Grefe director
Scooter in Palm Beach, Marleene Rogoff director
Streets of Fire, Vinnie La Russo director

Red Flag: The Air Force Experience.  Adam Friedman director Pax Network
John Travolta: a biography 2hr special for A&E  Traveling Light Media
17 Magazine New Faces for Fall -Shannon Dougherty  WB John McBride director
When Good Pets Go Bad.  Fox  Nash Entertainment  Adam Friedman director
Secrets of Street Magic Revealed Fox Blurry Productions
U.S. Customs: Classified. Cannell Productions
Arrest and Trial  Dick Wolfe /USA Productions
Moments in Time  Discovery  /Terra Nova Productions
What You Should Do  Lifetime /44Blue Productions

Ft. 191  History Channel, TLM

2nd Unit Director of Photography

CSI:Miami  Aerial Unit DP
Blue Daemon Underwater Hi-Def DP
Fast and Furious2  -Aerial unit DP.  Terry Leonard director
All about The Benjamins  with Ice Cube  2nd unit DP/ operator Arti Maleschi director
Baseball Wives  HBO Pilot, Steve Buschemi director 2nd unit DP
Havana Bay  Marine unit DP, Mike Kertan director
8mm  2nd unit DP Miami camera car Joel Schumacher director
Murder of Crows -Cuba Gooding jr.   Rbt Primes DP, Rowdie Herrington director
Playto’s Run with Gary Busey and Roy Scheider  Ricky Sacco producer
Shootfighter 2nd unit DP Alan Ameil producer, Hanania Baer DP
The Unholy 2nd unit DP Andy Armstrong director
S-Club 7 2nd unit DP  Initial TV Martin Day producer

The Nanny  Plate unit DP

Lawless with Brian Bosworth 2nd unit DP Brian England DP Russell Solberg director
2nd Noah  2nd unit DP  Daniell Winestock UPM
Wizards 2nd unit DP  Don Gold producer  Arti Maleschi director

Miss Miami 2nd unit DP, aerials DP.  CBS pilot

Camera Operator

Cutaway  Steven Baldwin, Dennis Rodman.  Jerry Lively DP
Landfall  Peter Stein DP, Dan Hamilton director, Richard Seres producer
Best of the Best III  Movie Group Phillip Rhee director Jerry Watson DP
100 Lives of Black Jack Savage Disney Frank Johnson ASC DP  Jan Dewitt UPM
Mr. St. Nick  MOW with Kelsie Grammer  David Frank DP
Red Eye Wes Craven, Michael Negrin DP
Transporter 2  Arti Maleschi director, Michael Stone DP
CSI :Miami  aerials
Friday After Next with Ice Cube Glen McPhaerson DP
Big Trouble, Barry Sononfield director  b camera, aerials
The Last Marshall  underwater  Michael Bonvillian DP
Sins of the City USA Network  Oscar Costo producer, Terry Miller UPM
Wild Things underwater operator Jeff Kimball DP
B.L.Stryker with Burt Reynolds  Nick McClean DP
Fair Game 2nd unit Tom Priestly DP
Days of Thunder Tony Scott director  remote head
Tango and Cash 2nd unit Peter McDonald director, Julio MCCatt DP
All About the Benjamins    1st unit b camera operator
The President  Jerry Lively DP
Lawless with Brian Bosworth  b camera Brian England DP Russell Solberg

Commercials include

Convergence McAurther Dairy, The Golf Warehouse, Mizuno Golf Clubs
Langone Productions ...Chicken Grill, Biscayne Landing
The Golf Channel ...WINN Grips
Connection Films, Amsterdam……Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sampson Tobacco
Springhall-Faunthorp, London ….. Daily Mail Newspaper
We Shoot ‘Em Miami, Santiago …
Villians, Los Angeles … Lincoln, Mercury
Wild Scientific... Bahamas Tourism